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Cardiovascular health: the benefits of a vitamin and mineral combination

cardiovascular A recent study suggests that there is more to discover about the therapeutic potential of vitamin D, vitamin K and calcium. While these three nutrients are known for their synergistic effect on bone mineralisation, it seems they may also act jointly to prevent cardiovascular disease. At least that was the conclusion of a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition1. Here we explore this research and discover the benefits observed from combined supplementation with vitamin D, vitamin K and calcium!

Co-supplementation in at-risk individuals

Several studies had already shown that vitamins K, D and calcium acted synergistically within the body. This research focused mainly on the benefits of co-supplementation for bone diseases such as osteoporosis. A group of Iranian researchers keen to find out more about the synergy of these nutrients decided to investigate their combined effects on cardiovascular health.
To conduct their analysis, the scientists set up a study of 66 overweight diabetics with coronary heart disease. Participants were divided into two distinct groups:
    - the first, a control group, received a placebo;
    - the second received a daily supplement of 5 µg of vitamin D, 90 µg of vitamin K and 500 mg of calcium.
Evaluation of efficacy using cardiovascular risk markers

After 12 weeks’ co-supplementation, the effects were evaluated by analysing various blood parameters. The researchers were particularly interested in blood levels of vitamin D, calcium, cholesterol, malondialdehyde – a biological marker of oxidative stress and C-reactive protein – a marker of inflammation. They also measured carotid intima-media thickness before and after the supplementation. Using all these measures, they were thus able to evaluate and compare the risk to cardiovascular health in the two groups of volunteers.

Promising therapeutic effects from co-supplementation

Their analysis revealed several beneficial effects resulting from the combined vitamin K, vitamin D and calcium supplementation. A significant reduction was observed in carotid intima-media thickness in the co-supplemented group, suggesting a potential decrease in risk to cardiovascular health. This conclusion was also supported by a number of significant metabolic changes between the two groups of patients.

While further studies are needed, these preliminary findings pave the way for promising new therapeutic approaches. Co-supplementation with vitamin D, vitamin K, and calcium may help reduce cardiovascular risk. This study also confirms the importance of these three nutrients for cardiovascular health. To find out more about their roles within the body, why not read the latest Nutranews articles on vitamin D3, vitamin K and calcium, and discover the various formulations available from SuperSmart: Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Complete K and Calcium AEP.

> Sources :
1. Asemi Z, et al., The effects of vitamin D, K and calcium co-supplementation on carotid intima-media thickness and metabolic status in overweight type 2 diabetic patients with CHD, British Journal of Nutrition, Juillet 2016;116(2):286-93.
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