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Brain nutrition


Choline, a little-known but essential nutrient

Though many people are not aware of choline, it is actually recognised as an essential nutrient by the prestigious US National Academy of Medicine 1 . This recognition came after investigation of its role, benefits and structure revealed choline’s many functions within the human body, both at a structural and...
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Poor dental health? You’re at risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway are unequivocal: there’s a direct link between gum diseases such as gingivitis, and Alzheimer’s disease (1). Oral bacteria a key factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease It seems that the bacteria responsible for inflammation of the gums, Porphyromonas gingivalis , can...
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The untold virtues of mushrooms

140,000 – that’s the number of different mushrooms thought to exist in the world. 1 . Yet only 10% are currently known and defined by the scientific community. Certain mushrooms stand out because of their particular flavour, and are much prized in the culinary world, while others have been valued...
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Cognitive decline: how to avoid the misery of the ageing brain

We’re increasingly told that cognitive decline is not normal and that we should not automatically associate ‘ageing’ with ‘loss of cognitive ability’. Sadly, I have to tell you that this view is just an illusion. The thousands of studies conducted on cognitive ageing unanimously support the theory that increasing age...
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Ashwagandha: a well-known plant from Ayurvedic medicine improves memory

Do you have trouble remembering the dates of appointments? Do you feel as if you’re not as quick as you used to be? Do you spend ages trying to recall names or words? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ll definitely be interested in the conclusions of...
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